Support for your Clearnine Solution

Experiencing an issue? Start a support ticket - email
Experiencing an Error Message?
Please do not clear the error. We need the details of the error message in order to track down the cause. If possible, get a screen shot of the error and include it with your email. If you can’t get a screen shot, jot down the error message in its entirety. Also helpful is providing a complete description of what steps were taken when the error occurred.
Website not working like you think it should?
If something is not working like you think it should, maybe the shipping addresses aren’t displaying correctly or a user can’t log in, describe the issue as thoroughly as possible when creating a ticket. Also include any pertinent information such as the customer number, the user code, the order number, item code or whatever you think will help. Sometimes it helps to include a screen shot. Videos are usually not necessary.
Have a question about how something works?
By all means, submit a ticket! We’re here to help. Feel free to ask how to do a specific task or find out if the cart will do something you’d like it to do. You can always send an email our way too.
Want an enhancement to the site?
Feel free to let us know! You can submit any requests by email or our contact form.
Wondering how long it will take to get a response?

When you submit your email to ticketing system, you’ll receive an automatic response letting you know ticket has been created. A real person response should happen within 2 hours if the ticket was created during regular working hours. Sometimes, very rarely, it could take longer. We triage the tickets if there is more than one. If your customers can’t place orders, that’s urgent and we’ll address that first.

If you open a ticket after hours, we’ll generally answer the next working day. During busy seasons, such as the holidays, we sometimes will respond during off hours as we understand how important your customers are to you. Less down time = more sales.

For enhancements, we’ll contact you at our first opportunity to go over the new features you’d like to see on your site. Sometimes, this can take a little more time to get back to you.


How to start a support ticket

You can send an email to

You can also use our support form


Information to include:

  1. Detailed description of the issue
  2. Give specific examples, order number, customer number, etc
  3. Details of what is incorrect and what the correct information should be
  4. Any error messages should be completely documented
  5. Screen shot if possible
  6. Any other actions that have been taken