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Sage 100 – A Powerful ERP System

Businesses that use Sage 100 the software find it’s a powerful tool that helps to automate and enhance their workflow. Having given a lot of thought before choosing the system,they understand that the ERP system is not just a simple off the shelf piece of software, but takes knowledge to set up the system and training to use it to fullest potential.

A Powerful ERP System Needs a Powerful Web Application

When the decision has been made to invest in the highly functional Sage 100 system, it only makes sense to give an equal amount of thought into choosing the right web solution. The choice should be robust enough to handle all the Sage functionality as well as have the flexibility of adding as many integration points that the business needs. To do this, not only a thorough understanding of modern web development techniques are needed, but also an in depth understanding of Sage’s architecture, programming standards and how the modules are used is mandatory.

Building a Tightly Integrated Web Application Requires Experience

It takes years to develop the type of experience that can build applications that are tightly integrated to Sage 100. If you want something more than just simply getting orders into the Sage system, it’s important to find a company that can demonstrate expertise in all aspects of the web project,beginning with the requirements and ending with a web application that keeps customers coming back.