Looking for a new site? Have questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions
Do I need a new website with the E-commerce system?

Not necessarily. While we like to create sites from start to finish because we feel that the design concepts remain constant and we know how the site acts, we can create catalog pages only and link them to your corporate site with varying degrees of integration

Why do I need an integrated site?

These days it makes life a whole easier if you do. More and more customers are choosing to order online.Some of the benefits of having a completely integrated system:

  • no double entering or importing of orders – reduces errors and frees up employee time
  • customer pricing is maintained in Sage, no need to have to upload pricing to the website
  • inventory availability is up to date with real time syncing
  • training is easy – if you know how to use Sage, maintaining the online catalog is intuitive
  • customers can see their information quickly – orders, invoices, general info, etc
How does the process work?

We start by evaluating how you use Sage 100 and how the site will be used. We build upon that, adding more details and design and at this point start to conceptualize how the site will actually work. Creating and constructing the site follows as we build the site according to specifications. When you’ve tested and approved the site we then start the go live process to launch the site. 

Do you have program for resellers?

Yes we do. We have 2 levels depending on the level of project involvement. Please give us a call and we can go over details with you.

Can my Sage 100 customizations be integrated to the website?

Sure can. We specialize in customizations. We’ll probably need to talk to whomever did the work and get specific details, but bottom line, as long as the work adheres to the Sage 100 rules, we can get it to work with the website. 

Will we be able to make changes to the content on our site?

Definitely. For any of the online catalog components, such as the item detail pages, categories and customer info, you’ll use Sage 100 as the management tool.  For informational pages on the site like the about us page or any other pages you decide to add, you’ll use our content management system to add content and images.  We’re also working on ways to give you more control over the styling for the site.

How much will this cost?

It depends on what you need. Our marketplace integrations start at $6,000-$7,000 and our full featured e-commerce  solutions begins at around $12,000. To be honest, though, most companies usually like to add to the base system. The nice thing about our system is that our add-ons and custom work can be added on at any time when you and your budget are ready for them.

Do we need IN-SYNCH? We’ve heard there are other products that integrate Sage 100to a website.

We think you do. In all of years with Sage 100, we think that IN-SYNCH is still the best way to get data to/from Sage 100. It’s effective, flexible and doesn’t affect performance on the ERP side of things. This can become crucial in times of heavy traffic.  Also, IN-SYNCH teamed up with the Clearnine/core gives us the ability to create just about any type of solution for you that involves Sage 100 data. 

Can our Customers Place Orders when the Accounting server is Down?

Absolutely. Orders and other information changes will queue up and be pulled into MAS 90 or pushed onto the website when MAS 90 is back online. You can run period end processing and do other maintenance work without affecting the customer’s experience on the site. In fact, any time Sage 100 is down or offline, the order will continue to queue up.

Where is the site hosted?

Well, the short answer is wherever you like. The long answer is that our sites use a very common technology stack that most data centers can easily accommodate. Data centers are in the business of keeping their customer’s data secure and do so at very reasonable prices.We also like Amazon EC2 instances and offer set up and server management for those. Of course, we can work with you to make your selection.

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