Custom Work

When you need more than just the basics

Okay, this is where we feel it’s okay to give ourselves a pat on the back. We’re pretty darned good at creating customized web solutions for Sage 100. Our years of experience with Sage 100 infrastructure lets us figure out the best way to handle the customization. When a client comes to us with a request for custom work, we can usually determine where the data will come from, how it will work and how Sage 100 is affected.

We often work with clients who have had work done by third party developers and want to integrate or replicate those functions online. To us, there’s almost never a question of if we can do the work. We’ll look at the requirement, design the best way to handle it and present it to the client. It comes down to if the data is available for the site and what the client’s budget is.


Some Examples of Custom Work

  • Integration to DSD Multi-Currency Enhancements
  • Private Label items display for specific customers
  • Cold packs ship with items
  • Complex order discounts
  • Specific Warranty look ups