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E-commerce for Sage 100

Made for Each Other – Clearnine E-commerce and Sage 100

Literally true. When we first looked at designing an e-commerce system, we researched the off the shelf carts extensively and found that it would actually be more difficult and time consuming to alter those carts than to create one. So that’s what we did. We built the C9 /core and the e-commerce system specifically to work with Sage 100. To this end, we’ve replicated many of the functions in Sage such as the pricing structure, inventory availability, sales promotional pricing, and many other features. With over 50 tables and hundreds of integration points with Sage, we’ve created a tightly integrated system that brings the best of Sage 100 to the e-commerce arena.

One Database – Less Time, Less Hassle

No more having to export data from Sage’s inventory tables and then import it into the website database. No more manually typing in orders. With the entire online catalog completely maintained in Sage 100 and orders that automatically flow into Sales Order Entry, our e-commerce solutions saves you time, manpower hours, and headaches caused by errors.

How do you do Business?

Our sites can be tailored for the way you do business Need a B2B site that only allows logged in users to view the catalog? Our clearnine/order solution can do that.  Sell to both businesses and the general public and need different pricing to display depending on the customer? We have a solution for that. Tell us what you require and we can make it happen.

Our Solutions Can Target:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Hybrid B2B, B2C
  • Specialized industry practices such as MAP pricing or restricted sales
  • 3rd Party customizations that need to be reflected on web orders
  • Need something with less integration? Ask us about our clearnine/sync solution!


Business to Business E-Commerce


Business to Consumer E-commerce

Ready for Sage 100 E-Commerce?

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Wide Range of Features in Our Solutions

  • Flexible item categorization – anything from items displaying directly under top level categories to multilevel nested categories are supported
  • Detailed item pages – item images, generous description areas, and more display on the page
  • Item availability – displayed the way you want your customers to see it, in/out of stock message, actual quantity on hand or anything in between
  • Item Pricing – From price levels to customer specific pricing to total quantity pricing, our sites will support any standard method of pricing that can be done within Sage
  • Customer Portal – Customers can view their summary information, invoice history, orders, invoice transactions and pay invoices by credit card
  • Supports Many Standard Sage 100 Features – Customer ship tos, discounts, inactive items, purchase control, national accounts are just a few features that come standard
  • Many Configuration Options – online catalog can be fully hidden from non logged customers or can be restricted to only see standard pricing are only 2 of the many options available
  • These are just a few of the features that come standard with our /clearnine solutions!
  • Additional Images – up to 5 additional images per item can be displayed
  • Document Download – up to 5 documents can be available for download from the item detail page
  • Advanced filtering
  • Associated Item Grouping for 1 or 2 attributes
  • Item Grouping for multiple attributes
  • Suggested Items
  • Paperless Office Support
  • Express Entry
  • 1 attribute filtering
  • Enhanced coupons
  • still more and more to come…
  • Branded or private label item display
  • multiple sites for one Sage 100 company
  • Different rules for wholesale/retail on the same site
  • Custom category displays
  • Custom page templates
  • Integration to various 3rd party Sage 100 modules
  • Integration for customizer scripts