How It All Began

Over 20 years ago. a young partner in a MAS90 consulting firm  had been asked to create an ecommerce solution for his client. Since online ordering was in its infancy, he asked an equally skilled young EDI expert to break new ground and co-develop a module that would sync data to and from MAS90. Together, they built the original version of what is now IN-SYNCH.  The EDI expert went on to start ROI Consulting and the young partner eventually founded Clearnine.

What IN-SYNCH Does

IN-SYNCH is a data sync tool that constantly senses changes in Sage 100 data and will queue those changes to be pushed out to the whatever destination is specified. This could be a shopping cart, report generator program and other web solutions. Sending out just the changes instead of entire tables of data makes the module faster and more efficient.  For incoming data, IN-SYNCH will pull that data into Sage 100 and syncs it up with the appropriate tables.

Why Is IN-SYNCH Ideal for Sage 100?

Security Conscious

One of the best things is that it is a native Sage 100 program that runs on your Sage 100 system. This means that there is no external application pushing data into your accounting system, nor do does it require an opening in your firewall. A secure connection can be made via an ssh tunnel to offsite servers so that no sensitive accounting data is ever  transmitted in the clear.

Real Time Data Syncing

Data is synced in real time. Many other sync tools may sync data up on timed intervals, but IN-SYNCH  will queue up changes that occur in Sage and will push those changes out as they occur. It can also be set up to scan for changes from another source and pull in those changes in real time. So orders can come in as customers place them.

Sage 100 Can Be Offline

The IN-SYNCH module allows for data to queue up in the event that Sage 100 or the e-commerce portal is down. This means that if Sage needs to be brought down for period end processing or an upgrade, that web orders can still be placed. They’ll just queue up, ready to be synced as soon as IN-SYNCH is back up.


Benefits of IN-SYNCH

  • Secure
  • Bidirectional
  • Real Time Data Syncing
  • Fast
  • and more!