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  • Launched /sync – integration to marketplaces
  • New website
  • New features to ecommerce products

We’re constantly adding more features,more products and always have more development plans.

Webinar 7-19-2018

We’ll be teaming up once again with Scanco, Starship and APS to show how all of our products work together to form a complete solution for all of your Sage 100 order processing needs. Please drop in if you’d like to see how it all works!

Product Updates

  • Bill Pay is finally here – now customers can pay existing invoices by credit card
  • Can now integrate to DSD’s Multi currency enhancement
  • Can now integrate to DSD’s Contract Pricing by Valid Date

New Website!

It’s finally here. We’ve known for a long time that as web developers, our website should be a little more modern.  We spend so much time on our clients’ sites, that we kind of neglected our own. So here’s the new site. We’ll be constantly making changes and adding more content.

New Product!

/sync is our latest solution. Now you can sync up orders from marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay (and more) alongside your Clearnine e-commerce solution.

We’ve also added WordPress integration for our online catalog. If you like the flexibility of WordPress, but need the power of Sage 100 integrated e-commerce, this is the ideal solution.

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Useful Information

We’ll be offering tips on e-commerce, digital marketing, Sage 100, and anything else that might be relevant to our readers.  Of course, you’ll also learn about featured products and other happenings here at Clearnine!

Thank You

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Product Enhancements

We’ve got a lot enhancements in the works for 2017. Here are some previews:

  • more features to our Salesperson Log in
  • adding more functionality to /sync
  • updates to the e-commerce solutions
  • of course there’s more!


Other Future Stuff

We’re always striving to improve all facets of our business, not just the software. Here are some plans for 2017:

  • site tips
  • site how to’s
  • more webinars
  • updated support policies