C9 for WordPress

C9 Sage 100 integration and WordPress = Power and Flexibility

Getting WordPress to Work with a Sage 100 Integrated Cart

When we first built the C9 platform, we also built an add on content management system so that users could have a styled home page and also be able to create as many informational pages as needed. As time flew by and technology expanded, we kept adding more functionality to the CMS in response to some of our web savvy users’ requests. On version 3.0 of the CMS, it finally dawned on us – wait a moment, there’s a platform that specializes in website development and has a whole ecosystem built around it. WORDPRESS!

So we set about making our e-commerce system compatible with WordPress sites. Some of the features include:

  • consistent feel and look between the WP site and the e-commerce portal so users don’t feel they are “leaving” the main site
  • header and footer, originating from the WP site, displays on all e-commerce pages from catalog to checkout
  • log in and cart information displays on all pages, including the WP site
  • searches can be done on either the WP site or the catalog – users get to choose

So if you’re a WP enthusiast and want to make use of all those great WP features, plug ins and advanced functions, ask us about how we integrate. We can build a site for you or you can create the site and we’ll just get it working with the e-commerce system.



Go ahead - ask us about C9 for WordPress!