On-line Marketplace Integration

So Many Places to Shop, So Much Data to Import/Export

Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Magento and the list goes on. So many ways for your customers to order from you. Multiple sales venues mean more customers finding your products and buying from you. All of the additional revenue is terrific for your bottom line – but how are you getting all those orders into Sage 100 so you can quickly fulfill them?

Let Clearnine Assume Your Data Burden

We can handle this with our /sync solution. We have various options that support getting orders into Sage 100 from various marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Jet, various off the shelf shopping carts and we’ve done custom solutions from niche based marketplaces as well. We can send item data such as item codes, availability, pricing to the market place and bring back order info straight into Sales Order Data Entry in real time.

If You Need More Than Just An Integrated Marketplace…

We’ve also teamed up with various services that offer all sorts of solutions for market place sales management. By subscribing to their services, you’ll get order management tools, specialized reporting and much more to streamline the order process. We’re also constantly building new relationships so we can address any needs that you may have. Between our partners, our expertise in creating marketplace integrations and the functionality of Sage 100, we’ve got you covered!

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Keep Your Marketplace Sync'd Up!

  • Inventory availability updated from Sage 100
  • Pull in orders from the marketplace into Sales Order Entry
  • New customers can be created
  • Update tracking info to the marketplace
  • More features coming!

Make Order Handling a Breeze!

  • Order dashboard that let’s you view orders from all marketplaces
  • Set rules on order handling
  • Set up order reporting the way the works for you
  • Analyze order data by any column for a specified time period

Using Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify or other martketplace?

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