The foundation of all the Clearnine solutions

What can you add to the /core?

  • e-commerce
  • customer portal
  • salesperson portal
  • customized reports
  • multiple marketplaces
  • other order fulfillment integrations
  • any customized web solution

So Just What Is the  clearnine/core?

The /core is the foundation of all our web solutions for Sage 100. It’s a uniquely designed combination of data schema, web architecture and data syncing that allows for all of our web applications to effortlessly move orders, customer data, inventory data and any other data to and from Sage 100.

More Than A Shopping Cart

When we built our first e-commerce system for Sage 100, we wanted to support much more than just getting orders into Sage 100. Over several thousand hours, we developed this unique blend of data schema, web architecture and ROI Consulting’s IN-SYNCH module to create a powerful foundation to support any solution we built for our clients. The /core has enabled us to create our customer portal, salesperson login, replicate many Sage 100 features and also allow us to integrate other web applications to Sage 100.

Better Than A Multifunction Blender

You can compare the /core to the motor within a multifunction blender. The blender has attachments that allow it to be used as a blender, a food chopper, a food processor and maybe can allow the user to detach the cup and use it on the go. The /core does pretty much the same thing. Any of the Clearnine solutions can be connected to it to create more functionality. Unlike the blender, which can only handle one function at a time, all of the Clearnine solutions can run simultaneously. You can  have a couple of ecommerce sites, orders coming in from Amazon, and have your salespeople access their accounts without any performance issues or degradation.