Sage Summit 2017

Thanks for Visiting Us at Sage Summit 2017!

We just wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for everyone who stopped by the booth. For current clients, it was great to get caught up on how your sites are working and to say “hi” in person. For businesses that we’ve been discussing possible projects, we enjoyed giving you a personal demonstration of the what our site can do and getting more info. We also appreciate everyone, both partners and prospective clients who had questions, allowed us to do a demo of our products and talked to us.



What Happened at Sage Summit This Year

  • Limited to North America – allowed for more personalized interaction
  • Trade show floor was open for 2 days instead the usual 3-4
  • Sessions were great – we especially enjoyed the “Road Ahead”
  • Events and sessions were well planned out, enabling both exhibitors and attendees to get the most out their trip – Kudos to Sage for this!