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FAQ's - New Sites

Why do I need an integrated site?

Technically, you don’t. But if you’d like orders to flow from the website into Sage 100 sales order entry and have information from customer maintenance to display on the site for your customer’s convenience, then it’s probably a good idea. Also, if you’re taking advantage of Sage 100 customer pricing and price breaks, these can automatically display based on the customer login. Integration also means less room for errors and frees up employees’ time to do other, more important tasks.

I already have a website, do I need to have a new one?

Not necessarily. While we like to create sites from start to finish because we feel that the design concepts remain constant and we know how the site acts, we can create catalog pages only and link them to your corporate site with varying degrees of integration

How does the process work?

First we consult with you about what you require for your site. We’ll talk about how you’re using Sage 100 and how we can design your site to utilize those functions. Next, we’ll come up with a preliminary proposal to make sure we understood everything you told us. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll start a design proposal with your input. The final proposal will detail all the features and functionality plus have some mockups of how the pages will look. Once you’ve approved the proposal and submitted a deposit, we’ll begin work. ROI Consulting will start the installation and implementation phase of In-Synch once the site is near completion. We then test the integration to make sure everything works correctly

Do you work with Resellers?

We sure do. We have special pricing for resellers who want to be involved with the process. We understand most customers trust their reseller’s knowledge of their ERP systems and want them to be a part of the process. We don’t sell Sage 100 nor do we implement accounting systems (anymore) so we are never in competition with the folks that do. We also have a referral fee program for resellers who direct their clients to us.

I have had custom modifications done to Sage 100 by a third party, can they be included on the site?

Probably. We’d have to see exactly what the modification does, the data files/field affected and what level of MAS 90 was modified. We may also need to contact the company that did the modifications. Working with 3rd party customizations of one of our strengths as we've had a lot of experience in programming customizations for MAS 90/Sage 100.

I’ve heard that web designer’s charge for every change made to the site. We plan on changing content often. Will this be costly?

Well, for all of catalog items, the changes will be made within MAS 90 so you'll have complete control over those changes. If you have content pages that you like to keep fresh, such as a page for specials, we've equipped all of our sites with a content management system. This allows you to add, delete and modify text content as often you would like without having to contact us. As for other types of changes, just contact us. We feel we're pretty fair about what we charge (and don't charge) for.

How much will this cost?

Well, it does depend on exactly what you’d like done and how complex of a site you require. Our basic eCommerce package with a corporate website starts at about $16,000-$17,000. This includes the installation and implementation of IN-SYNCH. 

Do we need IN-SYNCH? We’ve heard there are other products that integrate Sage 100to a website.

We think you do. There are other applications that allow integration with Sage, but based upon our years of experience in both MAS 90 and in web development, we feel this is the most effective, flexible product on the market. We believe In-Synch handles Sage 100 data in best possible fashion without affecting the performance of the accounting system. This is crucial in times of heavy website traffic. Both ROI Consulting and our company have had plenty of inquiries from Sage 100 users who’ve tried other solutions and felt they needed something more.

Can our Customers Place Orders when the Accounting server is Down?

Absolutely. Orders and other information changes will queue up and be pulled into MAS 90 or pushed onto the website when MAS 90 is back online. You can run period end processing and do other maintenance work without affecting the customer's experience on the site.

Where is the site hosted?

Well, the short answer is wherever you like. The long answer is that our sites use a very common technology stack that most data centers can easily accomodate. Data centers are in the business of keeping their customer's data secure and do so at very reasonable prices. Of course, we can work with you to make your selection.

If you have more questions you'd like to ask us, please contact us!