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Item Pricing on the Site

The team at Sage Software has developed some of the most flexibility  ways of handling item pricing. Price level pricing, customer specific pricing for individual items, total quantity pricing and sales promotion pricing are just a few methods. Pricing can be set based on a markup of cost or a discount off the standard price or a flat price can be specified. Price breaks based on the quantity ordered can be set up. If special pricing needs to happen for items within a product lline, Sage 100 covers that as well.

How Does the Clearnine Cart Handle Pricing?

One of the requirements in developing the Clearnine Cart was that all Sage 100 pricing methods would be supported. Clients selected the accounting system based on if the functions would accommodate their business needs. So it just made a lot of sense to create an eCommerce system that would be an extension of that accounting system. The Clearnine Cart handles every method of pricing and as Sage adds more pricing functionality, so will the Clearnine Cart.

What if there are Special Pricing Requriments?

With the growth of the internet and eCommerce, many vendors have set rules about what pricing can displayed on the site. Some require that the users need only to be logged in to lower pricing, others stipulate only the minimally advertised price can be shown. The Clearnine Cart can be enhanced  to handle most any type of price display restrictions and by brand/vendor if needed.

If other types of pricing are part of the requirements or have been added to Sage 100 system, these can be accommodated by the website as well. Some custom work may need to be done, but the developers are pretty familiar with how to design and integrate item pricing so this can be done easily.

For any questions on how the website handles Sage 100 item pricing, please contact the Clearnine Team.