Integrated e-commerce solutions for Sage 100, MAS 90 and MAS 200

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Clearnine Cart - Sage 100 Ecommerce

At Clearnine, we constantly endeavor to create a site that’s sophisticated, highly functional and within your budget. Using ROI’s In-Synch as our data management tool, integration to  Sage 100 ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200 systems can done effectively and quickly. All of these features will be included in your contract price unless otherwise noted.

Category Pages

We create catalog pages that are simple to navigate, leaving a breadcrumb trail of categories visited. Category structure can be as simple as a single parent level or as complex as having individual items existing in a multitude of nested categories. Categories are simple to add and maintain by any MAS 90 user within InSynch’s category maintenance feature.

Item Pages

Your inventory items will display on site with the item name,short and long descriptions along with any images uploaded to the web server. You'll be able to show the actual quantity on hand or an in or out of stock message, based on the information found in the inventory management module. Also, your customers will be able to see their specific pricing if it's been set up within MAS 90. We support Sage 100 pricing structures such as item pricing by totals, sales promotional pricing and of course, price levels and codes.

Shopping Cart

Our floating shopping cart lets your customers add items without the inconvenience of having to switch back and forth to the catalog pages. We also give customers the option of placing orders quickly with our Express Entry function. Just enter in the item numbers and quantities and the cart will be updated without having to access the catalog or item pages. Once the order is placed, sales orders in MAS 90 are generated within seconds

Search Engine Friendly Pages

All of our sites have features such as URL friendly pages, dynamic site maps and the basic HTML framework to let search engines crawl your site easily. 

Content Pages on Website

All of our corporate websites contain a home page, about us, and contact pages. We'll set up the initial pages, but our easy to use content management system lets you create as many informational pages as you like.  We assume that you’ll want to create the actual content of these pages, of course!

Customer Inquiry Pages

We consider this to be a major benefit of integrating to Sage 100. Your customers need to be able to see all of their transactions regardless if entered on the site or not. They’ll appreciate the convenience of being able to look up their account 24/7.

Credit card Processing

We’ll set this up based on your requirements. We follow strict guidelines on handling sensitive credit card information. Your customers can be assured that their information will be encrypted and never saved on the website after passing it through to MAS 90. Both Sage Payment Solutions and Century Business Systems are fully supported.

Sales Tax

We can design the site so that sales tax can be calculated either in the same method as MAS 90 or on the site.  Specifics will be discussed prior to a final proposal. Integration to Avalara Avatax is supported.

Shipping Rate Calculation

We set up our sites to calculate shipping rates in same method as Sage 100 MAS 90 or optionally integrate with Fed Ex, UPS or USPS. We'll display the tracking information for the order on the site. If you have other requirements, please contact us for more information.

We’re always striving to improve our web based solutions, so if there’s a feature you’d like to see included – let us know!